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Network Test

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Ixia is a leading supplier of converged network and application performance testing solutions for network equipment manufacturers, service providers, enterprises, and government agencies. Ixia’s test and simulation platforms use powerful and high performance technology to design and validate a broad range of IP and 3G/LTE networking equipment. Our solutions generate realistic, media-rich traffic to stress routers, switches, and converged network appliances. Ixia provides the most comprehensive solution for testing converged IP services from the wireless edge to the Internet core.

  • Broadband Access and Service Testing

    • Scenario

      “Broadband” describes high-speed Internet access for end customers, via wireless, cable, or DSL. Broadband requires numerous protocols and devices to work together seamlessly to provide reliable customer Internet access, especially when rolling out new services that consume larger and larger amounts of bandwidth.
      Testing services over broadband access is a critical factor in providing excellent quality of experience (QoE) to end-users, whether they are enterprises, providers, or individual customers. Coupled with this, the impending switchover to IPv6 to accommodate the loss of IPv4 address space requires that networks run both IPv4 and IPv6 seamlessly in order to mitigate the transition risks.

    • Ixia Solutions

      Ixia specializes in testing network components and topologies, helping to ensure broadband reliability. Ixia’s platform emulates network protocols and simulates network devices to help answer critical questions, such as:

      • Does my broadband implementation conform to industry standards?
      • Can my BRAS, LAC, or LNS scale and still meet QoS objectives?
      • Can I test and verify service-level agreements (SLAs)?
      • Can my network support IPv4/IPv6 subscribers and services, while maintaining SLAs?

      Ixia is a market leader for broadband testing solutions. Network equipment manufacturers and service providers meet the challenges of broadband deployment and maintenance using Ixia’s award-winning solutions that ensure performance, conformance, and scalability.

  • Router and Switch Testing

    • Scenario

      Networks and network devices are becoming increasingly complex. Enterprise expansion, data center convergence, and new service deployments require that diversified networking technologies and devices operate together seamlessly.
      As multiple, special-purpose networks converge to a single network carrying voice, video, data, and wireless traffic, it is critical that device manufacturers verify the scalability, stability, and performance of their switches and routers.
      Within the data center, local area network (LAN) and storage area network (SAN) traffic have traditionally used separate Ethernet and fibre channel networks. Cost-effective 10GE networks have provided the economic incentive to combine these networks using a new generation of data center bridging (DCB) components, including fibre channel over Ethernet (FCoE) switches and SANs

    • Ixia Solutions

      Ixia’s solutions comprehensively test the interoperability, performance, and scale of networking devices. Ixia’s IxNetwork and IxN2X test applications offer the industry’s most comprehensive test solution for functional and performance testing by emulating routing, switching, MPLS, IP multicast, broadband, and authentication protocols.
      Ixia test ports accurately emulate an Internet-scale networking environment containing thousands of routers and switches and millions of routes and reachable hosts. Millions of traffic flows can be easily customized to stress and track data plane performance.
      Subscriber modeling simulates user communities that match the behavior of city-size groups using multiplay services such as web, e-mail, FTP, peer-to-peer (P2P), voice over IP (VoIP), and video. Ixia’s testing capabilities scale to stress the largest and most powerful networking devices.

  • Ixia Network Test Platform

      • Ixia standard chassis and interfaces
      • IxN2X chassis and interfaces
      • IxCatapult chassis and cards
      • IxVeriWave chassis and cards
        IxVeriWave-1 IxVeriWave-2

    Although each chassis is designed to operate in conjunction with specific test applications, many platform elements operate cooperatively.

    Chassis-1 Chassis-2 Chassis-3

IXIA’s Product Line includes :


Chassi5s A family of ultra-high density, flexible testing platform used to hold Ixia Load Modules. All chassis contain a high-performance Windows computer system. All Ixia chassis, old and new, are compatible and may be daisy-chained together in a large scale test.
Load Modules Interface modules available for use in Ixia chassis. Load Modules are available for 10/100/1G/10G/40G/100G Ethernet, SONET/POS and ATM.


IxNetwork Tests complex routing topologies by emulating a wide range of routing protocols, along with authentication and broadband encapsulations. Powerful traffic generation tools for any type of Layer 2/3 testing.
IxLoad Tests Layer 4-7 Triple-Play networks and devices through emulation of Internet protocols. All common data, voice and video protocols are supported.
IxAutomate An automation engine for Ixia tests that includes a wide range of prebuilt tests for Layer 2 through 7 testing, including many industry-standard RFC tests. IxAutomate is the perfect tool for regression suite development.
IxSAN Automated testing of large-scale storage area network (SAN) devices through the emulation of SCSI initiators and targets.
IxDefend Security and robustness testing for application servers and networking devices. A number of protocol suites are available for most Internet applications.
Test Conductor A complete regression harness compatible with key Ixia test tools.
IxExplorer Provides access to all Ixia hardware functionality. Direct control over Ixia’s powerful stream engines is available to generate and capture any data.
IxANVL The industry standard for automated network protocol validation. Test suites are available for most popular Internet protocols.
IxChariot Simulates real-world applications to predict device and system performance under realistic load conditions. IxChariot simulates hundreds of protocols across thousands of network endpoints.
IxVPN An extremely scalable performance analysis solution for validating the performance of IPSec VPN gateways