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FTTH Networks

FASTER, MORE RELIABLE FIBER-TO-THE-HOME (FTTH) DEPLOYMENTS EXFO provides network operations with the expert testing knowledge, tools and environment they need to bridge the OPEX gap created by the increased bandwidth demand. With field-proven methodes and procedures, smart and integrated test solutions and cloud-based data management, FTTH networks can now be…

Optical Loss Test Sets (OLTS)

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Optimized to face the most current Optical Network testing challenges, EXFO’s multifunction test sets are built to get more out of your time and to minimize operational errors, ensuring fast and error-free service turn-up. (For more information about FLS-600 click here) (For more information about FLS-300 click here) (For more…

MaxTester 700C

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Fully Featured, entry-level, dedicated OTDR with tablet-inspired design   KEY FEATURES Handy, lightweight, powerful, tablet-inspired design 7-inch, outdoor-enhanced touchscreen–the biggest in the handheld industry 12-hour autonomy iOLM-ready: intelligent and dynamic application that turns complex OTDR trace analysis into a one-touch task Rugged design built for the outside plant THE ENTRY-LEVEL…

Intelligent Optical Link Mapper — iOLM

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iOLM – Go Beyond OTDR Innovation is front and center at EXFO, and the intelligent Optical Link Mapper (iOLM) is a prime example of a game-changing solution. The iOLM lets you take advantage of the full power of your OTDR, bringing automation to a new level—and enabling even the untrained technician…

Handheld Single-fiber Fusion Splicer

FITEL Ninja Handheld Single-fiber Fusion Splicer Fusion splicing is the method of joining optical fibers using heat from a discharged arc. The fibers start to melt when the temperature becomes around 1800℃ to 2000℃, after which they are fused together. FITEL has been developing fusion splicer for over 20 years….