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Ethernet-Based Services

Assessing Ethernet business services, from turn-up testing, to baselining, troubleshooting, monitoring and SLA conformance

As Ethernet is making headway into service providers’ networks, Carrier Ethernet testing becomes essential. With its additional operation, administration and maintenance capabilities, Ethernet can now be viewed as a carrier-grade networking technology.

ethernet topology

Basic Ethernet Topology

To deliver carrier-grade Ethernet, network service providers can implement Ethernet-over-SONET/SDH and leverage their existing assets while delivering new services. Or, they can implement a connection-oriented Ethernet access link that will provide them with a network that is as manageable as SONET/SDH, but with the cost-efficiency of Ethernet.

Besides that, service providers need to turn up next-generation Ethernet services more quickly to get to revenue faster. What’s more, they need to manage a multitude of ever-evolving technologies and deploy mobile backhaul, data-center interconnect and Ethernet business services more efficiently. Conversely, field technicians need to rapidly learn and gain proficiency in all these new technologies to keep pace with a host of new testing requirements. This poses a challenge to many service providers, who have limited budgets for test equipment and training, and are struggling to reduce repeat calls and network issues.

Whatever option is chosen, EXFO speeds up the Ethernet testing process with solutions optimized for turn-up testing, baselining, troubleshooting, monitoring andservice-level agreement (SLA) validation.

EXFO Solution

New Ethernet Standard: EtherSAM

EtherSAM: Fast and Accurate Testing for Real-Life Scenarios

With multiclass Ethernet services being deployed globally, legacy test standards such as RFC 2544 are no longer adequate to validate today’s service-level agreements (SLAs). With customers thirsty for a new test methodology due to aggressive deployment plans, largely driven by the migration to packet-based mobile backhaul infrastructure worldwide, EXFO was the first to introduce the recently approved ITU-T Y.1564 standard (formerly known as Y.156sam) to the market on its modular Ethernet testing solution—even before the standard was officially approved.

Having initiated the concept for the new ITU-T Y.1564 standard in June 2009, and having worked closely with industry experts throughout its adoption process, EXFO recognized the urgent need for a more efficient and complete way to commission and troubleshoot mobile backhaul and business Ethernet services.

Full SLA Validation in a Single Test
Aligned with the requirements of today’s Ethernet services, the EtherSAM test methodology enables complete validation of all SLA parameters in a single test to ensure optimized quality of service (QoS).

Contrary to other methodologies, EtherSAM supports new multiservice test offerings. It can simulate all types of services that will run on the network and simultaneously qualify all key SLA parameters for each of these services. Moreover, it validates theQoS mechanisms provisioned in the network to prioritize the different service types, resulting in more accurate validation and much faster deployment and troubleshooting.

EtherSAM: Fast and Accurate Testing for Real-Life Scenarios
Since its availability in early 2010, EtherSAM has proven to be instrumental in real-life scenarios—drastically speeding up deployment and eliminating repeat testing by offering full visibility into all SLA metrics, immediately and accurately. EXFO’s customers embraced EtherSAM for its speed and the high level of accuracy with which they can validate new services.

Eight Times Faster Ethernet Deployment
The benefits of EXFO’s new standard-based EtherSAM are measurable. It allows for complete SLA validation with a single test, eight times faster deployment and 100% first-time-right service activation. Plus, with EXFO’s unique real-time asymmetrical test capabilities, network operators can truly benefit from unmatched service performance visibility—all the while optimizing the quality of service and reducing operational costs.

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iSAM: Simplifying Ethernet Testing for Today’s Network Reality

How many times have field technicians started a test application only to realize that someone with a high level of technical expertise is required to configure and perform the test? The goal of iSAM is clear-cut: to simplify Ethernet service-activation testing for field technicians of all skill levels.
iSAM does this by making service turn-ups what they should be: simple and quick. Inspired by the feedback and field-testing knowledge of customers around the world, iSAM was designed to simplify field technicians’ daily tasks by focusing on the most common Ethernet service turn-up configurations used in the industry today, from 10M all the way up to 100G. Imagine that field technicians could set up an Ethernet service test within a single page, automatically connect to their remote unit, complete testing, and then have the test report automatically uploaded to a cloud-based storage location. iSAM makes this possible.
In today’s test and measurement (T&M) market, field technicians often waste valuable time going through a multitude of test setup pages. Thanks to its innovative new approach, iSAM can be configured entirely within a single page for maximum efficiency.


iSAM—simple one-page test setup

ExacTCP: RFC 6349 TCP Throughput Testing


Service-level agreements for Ethernet services such as business Ethernet and mobile backhaul are typically defined at layer 2.

However, end user experience is also affected by other factors such as user applications, network servers, etc. This often creates conflicts between service providers and customers.

To measure the true bandwidth seen by the end user, service providers must turn to TCP throughput testing.

rfc 6449Based on the RFC 6349 standard, ExacTCP is a test methodologythat accurately measures TCP throughput, RTT (round-trip time) and optimal window size.

ExacTCP provides an effective bandwidth measure as well as:

  • Faster conflict resolution
  • Real maximum throughput
  • Window-size optimization

for more information about ExactTCP, click here

CPRI Fronthaul Testing : Simplifying FTTA and DAS Deployments

The context of rising bandwidth and a drive towards cost-efficiency have forced mobile network operators (MNOs) to find new ways to increase competitivity while maintaining the quality of service that their customers have come to expect.

To achieve greater scalability, more capacity and longer-reach distances, MNOs across the globe are overhauling the traditional coaxial-based systems on their cell towers with fiber-optic cabling carrying CPRI protocol data.


Although these new fiber-based network architectures offer numerous benefits to MNOs, they also give rise to a new set of challenges, especially when it comes to troubleshooting issues at the cell tower and verifying the CPRI links between the remote radio head (RRH) and baseband unit (BBU). To do so effectively while avoiding costly interventions, cell technicians need to be well versed in various testing scenarios, and equipped with the right tools for the job.

EXFO NetBlazer V2 Series


The ongoing transition towards a converged network infrastructure for legacy DSn/PDH, ISDN, SONET/SDH, OTN, Fibre Channel, common public radio interface (CPRI) and packet-based Ethernet services requires a test tool that is capable of covering a wide range of interfaces and rates without sacrificing portability, speed or cost. The NetBlazer V2 Series streamlines processes and empowers field technicians to test and validate DSn/PDH, ISDN, SONET/SDH, OTN, Fibre Channel, CPRI and Ethernet circuits efficiently.

The NetBlazer V2 Series is housed in the brand-new FTB-1 Pro — the industry’s most compact, feature-rich multitechnology test platform specifically designed for today’s frontline technicians.

  • EASY-TO-USE AND INTUITIVE INTERFACE: high-resolution widescreen display and multitouch capability on supported applications.
  • UNMATCHED CONNECTIVITY: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Gigabit Ethernet and multiple USB ports
  • BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE: Windows 8.1 Pro operating system providing access to many third-party apps and the ability to connect to a wide range of devices
  • INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: Store, push and share test data automatically to EXFO Connect’s cloud-based servers


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