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FTB portable test platforms

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Introducing the foundation of EXFO’s FTB ecosystem—the FTB line of portable test platforms. Sharing a common Windows-based architecture, built-in and third-party software tools as well as multiple connectivity possibilities, each member brings its own specialty to frontline technicians, supertechs and network experts alike. Do more by going FTB Pro The…

Submarine Networks Test Solutions

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Packet traffic on submarine networks is steadily on the rise and submarine network operators must meet exacting services while optimizing performance. As a result, more and more telecom operators are ramping up their transoceanic fiber networks to improve reliability, performance and bandwidth availability. Thus, making comprehensive testing—across the multiple layers…

Data Center Test Solutions

Data centers around the globe are migrating to fiber. And it’s no wonder. The move to cloud services, massive virtualization and the explosive growth in data have transformed the business role of data centers. The result? Dramatically growing bandwidth needs in the interconnect, even within the four walls of the…

Nova Fiber – RTU-2 OTDR Based Remote Test Unit

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Optical Explorer – Optical Fiber Multimeter

Optical Explorer – Industry’s first optical fiber multimeter Fiber optic tester that performs link verification and automated fault tracking in seconds. Empowering frontline technicians to explore further and do more.Optical Explorer/Optical Fiber Multimeter goes beyond the basic testing capabilities of power meters and fault locators. It offers a brand new…