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Handheld Single-fiber Fusion Splicer

FITEL Ninja Handheld Single-fiber Fusion Splicer Fusion splicing is the method of joining optical fibers using heat from a discharged arc. The fibers start to melt when the temperature becomes around 1800℃ to 2000℃, after which they are fused together. FITEL has been developing fusion splicer for over 20 years….


Splicer Toolkit The S42X Series Fusion Splicer Tool Kit contains all of the necessary tools required for optical fusion splicing in a rugged carrying case. The durable carrying case features separate compartments for organizing tools and consumables. For More Information, Click Here S326A Handheld High Precission Cleaver S326A is a…

Splice on Connector

On January 11, 2016, Posted by , In Fitel Furukawa, With No Comments

FITEL’s new connector termination system allows for unsurpassed performance and flexibility in the field. This new “splice-on” connector eliminates the need for field polishing and significantly improves the quality of the termination and installation time required. FITEL’s factory polished ferrules with pre-cleaved fiber stubs are spliced onto the field fiber…

Ribbon Splicer

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S123C Handheld Fusion Splicer & S123M Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer The FITEL Fusion Splicer S123 series are compact designed fusion splicers. S123C Ver.2 Fusion Splicer splices single fiber, and S123M Ver.2 splices single fiber, 2-ribbon fiber, 4-ribbon fiber, 8-ribbon fiber and 12-ribbon fiber. After setting the prepared fibers, S123C/M4 Ver.2…

Active Clad Allignment Splicer

S153A Ver. 2 Active Clad Allignment Fusion Splicer Fusion splicing is used to physically join together two optical fiber ends. The process may vary, depending on the type of fusion splicer used. The S153 Ver.2 Single- Fiber Fusion Splicer has an active cladding aligning mechanism to align the fiber ends,…