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DSL still remains the most widely deployed broadband access technology across the globe to bring triple play services to bussiness and residential customers. For many, the copper plants is the only economical way to deliver high value, broadband service and remain competitive.


The recent explosion of the over the top sevice as well as rising demand for faster, higher quality video content is pushing operators to make the most of their existing legacy infrastructure. However, increasing the avaliable speed of the xDSL services running over the copper last mile also has it challenges.

Network-TopologyNetwork Topology

EXFO FTTN Test Solutions

To meet guaranteed service levels and customer expectations, especially for multiplay services, DSL requires thorough qualification and verification before, during and after the service has been delivered to the customer.

So what should operators expect from a growing leader ofcopper/xDSL test solution provider?

  • Intelligent test equipment that improve the effectiveness of technicians increasing installation rates and reducing the cost per-subscriber for repairs
  • Devices that clearly notify of potential faults before the service is down and that provide the optimal time and most effective way to repair
  • Solutions that interpret the results, eliminating the risk of misinterpretation and improving the global test time while ensuring full repeatability

EXFO offers trusted copper last-mile test solutions that directly satisfy these requirements. Combining the perfect mix of intelligence, automation and field-oriented designs, network operators can now ensure that the copper plant delivers reliable voice, data and TV services to its subscribers, while meeting imperative time-to-market, QoS and QoE objectives.

Testing Procedure

Once the design of the network has been completed, the network generally consists of two main sidess: Fiber Optic Side and Copper Side. The following sections highlight some the key testing elements that should be considered on each sides.

  • FIber Optic Testing Solution

what you look

– Fiber Inspection

fiber inspection

What To Look

EXFO’s FIP-400B Fully Automated and Intelligent fiber inspection solutions are designed to speed up and simplify this critical step to any fiber testing and help you deploy faster, more reliable fiber networks, providing accurate and consistent test results, and preventing the reporting of false-positive results.


  • 100% automated, one-step inspection process
  • On-board connector endface analysis
  • (IEC, IPC or custom standards) including MPO/MTP analysis.
  • Pass/fail LED indicator for immediate diagnosis of connector health
  • Optimal digital image quality with three levels of magnification
(For more information about Fiber Inspection, Click here)

– Characterizing Insertion Loss and Optical Return Loss

In this step, both loss and fiber attenuation of the optical distribution network (ODN) elements must be measured to ensure that they meet supplier specifications.

The most recent test tool for this application is the intelligent optical link mapper (iOLM). This tool uses the same method as the OTDR, but performs the test procedure automatically. It does this by using different pulse widths to fully characterize the various sections of an FTTH network—each section being characterized with the optimal pulse. Then, the iOLM consolidates all this information into a single comprehensive Link View; the operator does not have to manually compare results at different pulses like a traditional OTDR. The iOLM provides the link’s loss and ORL, in addition to identifying all network elements such as splices, splitters and connectors. It also provides the loss and reflectance values of the identified elements. And when a specific element or the link itself gets a “fail” verdict, it offers a diagnosis to help the operator solve the problem. The whole routine takes 30 to 60 seconds, depending on network complexity.iolm

iOLM Test Result

(For more information about iOLM, Click here)

  • Copper Testing Solution
 – Copper Twisted Pair Characterization
This is an important testing step when deploying basic voice or HD-IPTV services to subscribers, or when repairing/troubleshooting circuits.copper test paramater
Key Testing Parameter

EXFO’s SmartR™ technology brings a unique test approach that delivers intelligent and automated copper fault analysis, enhanced with graphical results and plain-language interpretation.

This feature set automatically runs a series of copper tests, analyzes the results and provides graphical, color-coded results with clear pass/fail status.smartR

The powerful algorithms behind SmartR provide the additional capability of accurately locating potentially service-affecting faults.

SmartR makes copper troubleshooting much quicker and simpler than with traditional manual methods. In the end, it helps you roll out advanced multiplay services confidently and efficiently—and benefit from significant cost and time savings.

  • Speed up circuit fault interpretation
  • Enable technicians to perform tests beyond
    their prior skill level
  • Implement uniform, repeatable methods

(For more information about SmartR, Click here)

– ADSL2+/VDSL2 Performance Validation

xDSL validation

xDSL test

› Proper field testing allows operators to validate that they have the required bandwidth (downstream and upstream rates) to deliver triple-play services over single-pair or bonded ADSL2+ and VDSL2 to their customers

› Validates that the IPTV and data services can operate on the circuit with the required QoS

› Testing isolates service issues inside and outside FTTC/FTTH networks allowing operators to gain an in-depth view of link quality at all layers

› Provides in-depth view of link quality at all layers


The smartest FTTx troubleshooting platform, now with wideband copper and the latest VDSL2 testing


EXFO’s FTB-635 Wideband Copper and DSL Tester is the perfect tool for any service provider deploying multiplay services over FTTN and hybrid networks. The all-in-one FTB-635 tests optical power, wideband copper, ADSL2+/VDSL2, 1G Ethernet and multiplay services, including live video preview. The large display of the FTB-635 makes it even more user-friendly, clear and intuitive, and when it comes to capturing and uploading results, it provides technicians with many connectivity options for uploading tests and compiling reports.

Key Features

  • Multiplay platform testing
  • Power meter and VFL on-board
  • Dual ADSL annex A and B, and VDSL2
  • Bonded and vectored DSL support
  • True wideband 30 MHz copper pair qualifier
  • Long loops and high-voltage isolation testing
  • Powerful impulse and wideband noise analyzer

The FTB-635 combines multiple tools, ranging from a multimeter, wideband transmitter/receiver and noise meter, wideband impulse noise meter, balance, TDR, noise meter, RFL and SmartR technology, to allow effective troubleshooting of VDSL2 circuits. With an integrated modem supporting the newest capabilities, VDSL2 can be emulated up to 30 MHz, including improved performance with vectoring. DSL and Ethernet WAN (1G) and LAN interfaces enable testing on FTTH circuits and inside premises. Emulate a set-top box or VoIP calls inside or outside, to know where and when the service works. Test IPTV streams (multiple streams and live video preview) with the powerful test suite of the FTB-1 handheld modular platform.ftb635-port

SmartR™ Technology
Equipped with SmartR technology, the FTB-635 enables technicians and engineers alike to work smarter—not harder. It is the next generation of telco cable testing that automatically identifies and locates common circuit faults and presents results using intuitive graphical displays and plain language. The Pair Detective feature automatically runs the most common line tests and provides graphical, color-coded, plain language results and pass/fail indications to detect conditions, including shorts, grounds, opens, battery, splits and imbalances. FaultMapper uses time-domain reflectometry (TDR) and resistive fault location (RFL) technology to provide the additional capability of identifying the location of the service-affecting line faults, including bridged taps, shorts, grounds and opens. EXFO’s unique SmartR draws an easy-to-understand graph of the wire pair, making copper troubleshooting easier than ever.

(For more information about FTB-635, Click here)