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Optical, Ethernet and Multiservice Combined

Tackling Today’s Mobile Network Challenges

  • Activate and maintain a high number of towers and small cells
  • Overcome limited technical resources and knowledge
  • Work with tight schedules and budget constraints (OPEX pressure)
  • Maintain accuracy standards across the various technologies deployed
  • Validate numerous service classes
  • Optimize network performance
  • Eliminate unnecessary truck rolls
Optical-Ethernet-and-Multiservice-Combined FTB-700G-Series-1

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FTB-700G Series: Unified to optimize operational efficiency



One Tool
As resources are limited and schedules tight, the FTB-1 is unmatched when the time comes to deploy or upgrade a large number of mobile network connections. With this game-changing solution, not only can field technicians characterize a fiber link at the touch of a button, they can also turn-up multiple classes of Ethernet services with unprecedented speed and accuracy. The ultimate testing tool.

One Tech
EXFO’s FTB-1 solution makes any field technician an expert. The unique combination of innovative and intuitive functionalities found in the FTB-1 gives frontline technicians the ability to accurately turn-up and troubleshoot any type of mobile network connection without requiring external intervention- A true one tech testing solution!

One Time
EXFO’s innovative, state-of-the-art testing solution empowers field technicians with easy-to-use yet powerful automated testing and analyzing capabilities that eliminate guesswork and deliver 100% accuracy throughout the different testing phases. The FTB-700G series enhances productivity while eliminating unnecessary truck rolls.

One Ecosystem
A comprehensive, cloud-based, field test management solution that is specifically designed for the needs of installation and maintenance teams. These teams require both significant operational cost reductions in their test equipment management and maximum value from their test results.