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Data centers around the globe are migrating to fiber. And it’s no wonder. The move to cloud services, massive virtualization and the explosive growth in data have transformed the business role of data centers.

The result? Dramatically growing bandwidth needs in the interconnect, even within the four walls of the data center. Increasingly reliable infrastructure requirements delivering low latency and packet loss. A need for the best quality of service and experience possible. In short, the drive for innovation and technology to keep up with these changes.

EXFO brings test orchestration and 3D analytics to converged networks testing for 100G and beyond, addressing the needs of NEMs for design, verification and manufacturing.

EXFO Data Center Test Solutions

Intra Data Center Infrastructure Validation

Fiber Inspection↗

Inspect any type of fiber inside the data center, including single or multimode and single or

Fastest LC and MPO connectors inspection with the same tool

Fiber Certification↗

Certify any enterprise data center network as per international standards (TIA-568,
ISO 11801).

Onboard assistant and diagnosis for elimination
of reference errors and negative loss

Fiber Characterization↗

Validate the fiber to ensure it meets critical performance attributes with automated pass/fail thresholds for singlemode and multimode

Link Verification ↗

Faulty fibers are amongst the most damaging issues that affect structured cabling networks.

Checks the power level.

Displays fiber length, loss and optical return loss (ORL) in under 3 seconds

Fiber Tracing ↗

A triple test tool – Live fiber identifier, live fiber detector, dark fiber identifier – for truly efficient fiber management.

Pinpoints a specific live fiber using EXFO’s
FiberFinder™ functionality.

Handheld Power Meter ↗

EXFO PX1 : Userfriendly; Compact, color touchscreen and intuitive interface.

Measure absolute power (dBm) and loss (dB)

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Data Center Test Solutions