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Optical Explorer – Industry’s first optical fiber multimeter

Fiber optic tester that performs link verification and automated fault tracking in seconds. Empowering frontline technicians to explore further and do more.
Optical Explorer/Optical Fiber Multimeter goes beyond the basic testing capabilities of power meters and fault locators. It offers a brand new testing approach powered by multiple patents pending.

Optical Fiber Multimeter

Key Features

  • Displays fiber link KPIs (length, loss, ORL and power) in under 3 seconds, through single-ended testing
  • Built-in light source and power checker (dual-band available)
  • Save on cost of ownership: lifetime calibration, no factory returns thanks to our patent-pending Click-Out optical connector
  • Rechargeable battery for over 10 hours of use on a single charge
  • 3-year warranty

Qualitative fiber assessment: EXFO Advisor

To assess the quality of a link, seasoned fiber optic technicians can read and interpret the link’s key performance indicators (KPIs), and then determine how the link compares to an ideal installation. Technicians who are new to fiber optics do not have the necessary expertise to do such assessments. Even seasoned technicians may want a quicker and less subjective path towards quality diagnosis.

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