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Power meter are a toolbox essential for all technicians installing or maintaining any type of fiber networks. From general-purpose meters to meters optimized for certain types of networks—we have the gear you need.

EPM 50 (Power Meter) ELS 50 (Light Source)


Easy-to-use interface for error-free testing
Interchangeable connectors, for first-class flexibility
Cost-effective, rugged and highly reliable
Ideal for testing and troubleshooting optical premises networks

Available as stand-alone units or in all-in-one test kits including all required accessories (adapters, carrying case, etc.)

Five test kits designed for specific users/testing needs: LAN, outside plant, contractors, FTTH and CATV

EXFO’s FiberBasix 50 series meets your basic day-to-day test requirements while helping you stay within budget. These worry-free, straightforward handheld testers enable accurate measurement of signal attenuation during fiber-optic cable installation. The FiberBasix 50 series includes two highly convenient instruments:


EXFO’s ELS-50 Light Source provides excellent stability and high measurement accuracy for up to three singlemode wavelengths (1310, 1490 and 1550 nm) or two multimode wavelengths (850 and 1300 nm). It is the perfect complement to the FiberBasix 50 EPM-50 Power Meter when it comes to measuring attenuation on fiber-optic links.


The EPM-50 Power Meter provides highly accurate power measurements, as well as reference value setting capabilities. It offers power autonomy of 300 hours, for reliable, long-lasting performance in the field.

The ELS-50 Light Source, which offers up to three wavelengths for singlemode testing and two wavelengths for multimode testing. The EPM-50 Power Meter, which offers high accuracy and referencing capabilities.

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Optical Power Expert PX1


User-friendly: Compact, color touchscreen and intuitive interface

Robust and rugged: IP54 design for dust and water protection

Connect to smart app via Bluetooth for easy data reporting

Data storage

3 years warranty and calibration interval

The Optical Power Expert is an essential device in today’s field toolkit to measure the optical signal power (dBm) or link loss (dB). With the Optical Power Expert, save field test results on the device and share reports through your smartphone a. Leverage the TestFlow mobile app to simplify your workflow and test results management, while also receiving field updates that enable new features. The Optical Power Expert enables technicians to close more jobs, better and more efficiently through industry-leading features such as bundled wavelengths or instant boot up for use on the go. The device comes with built-in expertise with automation that avoids human error (smart features such as auto-wavelength recognition and switching). The power meter comes with best-in-class performances, a wide color touchscreen and an intuitive graphical interface. Pocket-sized and rugged, the device is designed for extensive use in the field. It has a high capacity data storage for test results.

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PPM-350D PON Power Meter


Unique PON-aware™ capability automatically detects

PON technology in use

Compatible with GPON and EPON networks

Supports 10G-capable PON networks

Pass-through mode for ONT/ONU verification

Bluetooth® and USB connectivity

Smart app to store and share test results, create test reports

Compact, rugged and designed to comply with the IP54 enclosure standard

Rechargeable battery lasts for up to 8 hours of continuous use


Next-generation passive optical networks (PONs) will, in most cases, leverage the existing outdoor plant infrastructure already in use for current PON customers. This adds a level of complexity to PON testing since multiple wavelengths will reach the end user at the service activation location. Having the right instrument is vital to avoid meaningless test results or false positives.

EXFO’s PPM-350D can be used in legacy and next-generation PON scenarios. It is compatible with single-layer PON and RF overlays as well as mixing a next-generation layer on top of it. The PPM-350D affords the unique ability to test several next-generation PON technologies (XGS-PON, NG-PON2) with a single unit. With the same PPM-350D test unit you can tackle today’s increasing field complexities and you are already equipped for tomorrow’s PON challenges.


Deploying a mix of legacy and next-generation equipment? No problem. By relying on pre-configured and customizable test configurations, the PPM-350D automatically detects the type of network under test and self-adjusts the pass/fail criteria for error-free testing.

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Stand-alone operation

Compatible with Android™ and iOS™ devices

Wireless connection via Bluetooth™

Internal data storage

Universal 2.5 mm (supports SC, FC, ST optical connectors) and

1.25 mm adapter (supports LC and E-2000 optical connector)

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Other types of power meters can be found at www.exfo.com

Concurrent measurement of all PON signals anywhere on the network

Innovative workflow management for boosted test

Routine efficiency

Enhanced rugged and weatherproof design

Protected data format for guaranteed test result authenticity

EXFO PON Power Meter

When FTTH was first deployed, EXFO was there to test it, namely by pioneering the concurrent upstream/downstream measurement technique via a pass-through connection. In fact, the EXFO-pioneered PPM-350 Series, which quickly established itself as the clear-cut leader in the PON power meter market—over 35000 units sold—has played an important part in major FTTH deployments worldwide.

Since then, we have developed our instrument even more to provide you with the best PON power meter to date. The PPM-350C enables quick, on-site testing of all PON signals, anywhere on the network. Its new workflow management capabilities and enhanced ruggedness will increase the efficiency of your daily deployment activities.

Moreover, its visual fault locator port allows for easy fiber identification and macrobend location. This handheld unit also features pass/warning/fail LED indicators with user-defined thresholds. For more information, klik here