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FITEL Ninja Handheld Single-fiber Fusion Splicer


Fusion splicing is the method of joining optical fibers using heat from a discharged arc. The fibers start to melt when the temperature becomes around 1800℃ to 2000℃, after which they are fused together. FITEL has been developing fusion splicer for over 20 years. Thanks to our accumulation of technology, FITEL fusion splicers achieve high quality splicing.

The FITELNINJA NJ001 Hand-Held Single Fiber Fusion Splicer is suitable for all METRO, LAN and FTTx fibers including ultra bend-insensitive fibers. With its low-profile, compact and ruggedized body, the NJ001 offers reliable splicing under harsh environmental conditions. The large battery capacity makes it possible to perform 100 splicing and heating cycles. Combining portability, power, flexibility and field ruggedness, the NJ001 delivers fast and consistent splicing with outstanding mobility and optimal ease of use.

Optical fibers must be observed accurately. The fibers are observed from the lateral side. LED light is emitted from the lateral side onto optical fiber. The light goes through the inside of the fiber. By bringing LED light in the lens and the camera, the splicer can detect the fiber’s condition such as the axis offset, the cleave angle, and others.

Spacious splicing chamber

The NJ001 is one of the most user-friendly splicers in the field thanks to its wide splicing chamber in relation to its size.


3 LED lamps

With an light intensity of > 300 Lux, 3 LED lights illuminating the entire splicing chamber make it easier to perform work in a dark environment.


The industry’s first detachable V-groove

The NJ001’s V-groove is detachable for easy cleaning and optimal maintenance.


Rugged Durability


Ninja Video

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