Hand-held Ribbon Fusion Splicer

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Hand-held Ribbon Fusion Splicer NJ001M4

NJ001M4 is an ultra-compact, lightweight ribbon fusion splicer that can splice single fibers and up to 4 fiber ribbons. It was designed to be smaller and more lightweight than previous models and also allows faster operation.
It supports splicing of single fiber drop cables and 2 fiber drop cables.

NJ001 is the first choice for low cost field ribbon splicing equipment.

Using the rugged body, the NJ001 is designed to endure harsh operating conditions by improving shock/impact resistance with rubber pads embedded on 4 corners of the splicer body. It also achieves water resistance compliant to IPX2 and dust resistance compliant to IP5X.


  • Wide splicing chamber
  • High capacity battery enables 100 cycles of splicing and heating
  • High speed splicing of 15 sec and high speed heating of 30 sec
  • Ruggedized design
  • Fiber Curl Remove function is available
  • Compact size and light weight
  • High-torque motors are installed for drop cable splicing
  • Automatic fusion program selection is available
  • Heater adjustment function is available

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