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FITEL’s new connector termination system allows for unsurpassed performance and flexibility in the field.
This new “splice-on” connector eliminates the need for field polishing and significantly improves the quality of the termination and installation time required.
FITEL’s factory polished ferrules with pre-cleaved fiber stubs are spliced onto the field fiber utilizing FITEL’s proprietary ferrule holder and fusion splicer. Once spliced, the SC/APC or SC/UPC connector is easily assembled by using a process that requires minimal skill or training.

The Splice-on-Connector is a field-installable connector that …

  • is FAST
    • Termination time of less than 3 minutes
    • User Friendly Packaging for rapid & repeatable assembly
  • is EASY
    • No polishing or epoxy required
    • Simple process, eliminating learning curve
  • has the best quality
    • Some manufactures use factory quality standard Connector parts and strain relief processes
    • Look for Telcordia GR-326 confirmed performance
    • Look for 100% inspection
      SOC Package

    The Splice-on-Connector Packaging come with…

    • Pre-cleaved ferrule stub
    • Vacuum sealed packaging
    • User Friendly Design
      • Ease of handling
    • Look for connectors that use a Hermetic (carbon coated) fiber
      • Superior mechanical strength
      • Environmental fatigue resistance