Handheld Single-fiber Fusion Splicer

FITEL Ninja Handheld Single-fiber Fusion Splicer Fusion splicing is the method of joining optical fibers using heat from a discharged arc. The fibers start to melt when the temperature becomes around 1800℃ to 2000℃, after which they are fused together. FITEL has been developing fusion splicer for over 20 years….

Active Clad Allignment Splicer

S153A Ver. 2 Active Clad Allignment Fusion Splicer Fusion splicing is used to physically join together two optical fiber ends. The process may vary, depending on the type of fusion splicer used. The S153 Ver.2 Single- Fiber Fusion Splicer has an active cladding aligning mechanism to align the fiber ends,…